In Dev Version. Streams need to reach 40 concurrent viewers once in order to be tracked.
Mixer - Disabled tracking of the first 10 minutes of streams due to irregular numbers.



When do you start tracking a stream?
As soon as a stream reaches 40 concurrent viewers we track it until it falls below 20 concurrent viewers. In the future these thresholds will be 20/10 instead of 40/20.
Why do other websites show slightly higher aggregated statistics for categories and platforms?
The first difference is that we calculate statistics based on the streams we track and not aggregated statistics already provided by the streaming platforms. This allows us to show consistent numbers accross all platforms as some platforms aren't even publishing any aggregated statistics at all. We're also circumventing inconsistencies around small streams as some platforms don't expose their data while still including the numbers in all statistics. This would make it almost impossible to verify cross platform statistics and rank them in a consistent way. If you see a spike in viewers we can show you exactly who is responsible for the spike down to the smallest stream.
The second difference is that calculating aggregates based on streams instead of trusting platforms allows us to filter out viewbotted streams and platform inconsistencies. For example Mixer has a problem which sometimes gives small channels thousands of viewers in the first ~10 minutes of a stream until it goes down to the correct viewer count. While we show this data if you are looking at a specific stream it is not included in the aggregated statistics.
What timezone is used to calculate daily/weekly/monthly data?
UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
Will you support Facebook Gaming in the future?
As soon as Facebook starts to offer working APIs we will include them. For the moment Facebook does not offer a way for us to get information about top live channels or games.
Will you support DLive in the future?
DLive support already works internally but their API is still bugged at the moment.
Will you support the big asian platforms in the future?
No support planned for now.
Why are YouTube followers inaccurate?
YouTube recently changed their publicly available follower counts, making it impossible to get accurate numbers.
Why is there no mobile version?
Mobile support is coming in the future.


Removed disconnect protection from competitive/developer/event channels. They usually have reliable connections and restarts are meant for rebroadcasts.
Changed YouTube algorithms. Now supports more than 100 concurrent streams.
Enabled hashtag tracking.
Enabled game tracking for YouTube.
Changed tracking thresholds from 100/50 to 40/20.
Enabled Twitch chat support. This includes support for chat messages, subscriptions and raids.
Enabled YouTube tracking.
Enabled Mixer tracking.
Enabled Smashcast (Hitbox + Azubu) tracking.
Enabled sponsored content tracking.
Enabled Twitch tracking.
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